Three New Custom Search Engines

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I admire the evolving technology of Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs). By guessing some clever terms and operator combinations, over time, we have been able to un-dig (for example) loads of contact lists of passive candidates within every industry we get sourcing requests in.

The best part of CSEs is that they make the web structured. In a sense, CSEs support searching parts of the web as if they were structured databases. You can search for values like the employer of a person. It is free, of course. (See some examples below.) This fact is still little-known, and we want to promote it since it is free and beneficial.

There is no other tool capable of doing so at scale.

The material below covers three slides of my 90-slide CSE webinar coming up shortly (this Wednesday).

Here are three new CSEs along with example searches and 40 previously published ones.

#1. CSE SpeakerHub  – find speakers


#2. CSE RocketReach – find corporate email formats


#3. CSE Women Issues– find online content

Please do not miss the fully updated lecture I am giving on Wednesday, July 1st, “How to Become a Custom Search Engines Expert”.

I will also be presenting a workshop at Sourcing Summit Global – July 6-9. I am giving two other talks as well.

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