Sourcing Essential Workers

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Our webinar this week is Sourcing Essential Workers. We will share some new material that you have never heard of before. We are going to summarize our recent successful experience in recruiting Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals.

We have realized that the method that we have developed will work for any job that does not call for “purple squirrels” or “the best” but simply requires candidates to match the requirements. Candidates should have easy-to-identify skills and experience, e.g. bedside Registered Nurses with two years of experience and a valid license in TX (compare with a Full-Stack Developer assessment!)

They often work for large organizations like hospitals and universities.

There are thousands of them. Yet they have little online presence or none.

The challenge is to contact them via a channel that they check.

And we made a discovery. Since the initial volume is high, we did not mind if we let go of many candidates. We narrowed the target company list down to “E100” companies, ones that follow an email format 100% of the time. RocketReach is a helpful site that gave us a way to collect E100 companies in the target sector. (As an example, from Fortune 500 companies, 72 are E100.)

The rest was just running an excel formula. Two, actually – for jane.doe and jdoe. In a few hours, most of which was spent on cleaning up data, we had a solid list of thousands of prospects with emails. We ran them through some verifiers to double-check.

I have not seen our method described before. Yet it is reasonably quick and costs nothing.

Please join me at Sourcing Essential Workers. Mass-email-identification is of interest to any Sourcer. You will be able to get up in running in minutes following the webinar. Pretty high ROI! 🙂



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