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Due to the need for OR searches, Custom Search Engines (CSEs) is a handy tool to use in diversity sourcing projects.

From my tests, this Diversity CSE performs better than any other I authored, but please try it and let me know, OK? Like any other CSE, it needs to be tested using diverse searches to see how well it works.

This Custom Search Engine – – reliably searches for several types of Diversity implemented as refinements on top of LinkedIn X-Ray:

The CSE also provides image search for the same refinements, allowing you to verify whether your search was successful visually.

If you are satisfied with results, bookmark it for future use. If not satisfied, please PM me.

The CSE relies on X-Raying LinkedIn for phrases like “image for women.”

Unlike other CSEs (or canned Google strings, which I have no habit of creating), this CSE provides a reliable way to narrow to each diversity type. Please try it out using a variety of professional keywords and tell me what you think.

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  1. Hi Irina,

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge but I came across your search engine and I would like to use it while sourcing for the company I work for. My question is, can you enter a Boolean string to include specific qualifications and location? I’m having so much trouble finding Medical Science Liaisons in Los Angeles that have ovarian cancer experience. I would also like to use this for all of my open roles.

    Thank you!
    Lisa LaBruna

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