New! Diversity Sourcing Training & Certification Program

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With the unmistakably fast-growing demand for diversity sourcing in 2020, we at Sourcing Certifications have developed and are opening, as of today, a Diversity Sourcing Training and Certification Program.

I am excited about the new offering! It will include:

  1. Webinar on sourcing
  2. Webinar on diversity sourcing
  3. Interactive diversity sourcing practice
  4. One month of support
  5. Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP) exam

One cannot be a skilled “diversity recruiter” and mediocre recruiter. Our Program will help you in all aspects of daily sourcing, not just sourcing for Diversity.

We have built the main class content from our class Sourcing for Diversity, custom presentations for recruiting teams, and extensive experience sourcing.

We have added an initial introductory webinar on the foundation of sourcing to ensure the participants and we are on the same page, and they are ready for the main content. The first webinar is not just for beginners; as an attendee said, “If you are new to Boolean search or a Boolean search expert, you will get something out of the class.”

We follow the first foundational sourcing class with a webinar and an interactive practice on diversity sourcing. Participants are encouraged to practice the techniques on their own after the presentation. (Otherwise, what is the point?) If you take part, you can ask any relevant sourcing questions during the month of support (a value of its own by the way!)

You will find a detailed outline of every step on the sign-up page.

Diversity Sourcing Certification Exams will be similar to our general Sourcing Certification Exams but 30% shorter and specific to the skills we are testing.

Additional resource: we have published a practice book for the Sourcing Certification exams that would serve well to prepare for the Diversity exam in addition to the Program material. (Statistics show that everyone who got the ebook passed the exam.)

Please do not wait and go to the Diversity Sourcing Program Registration. The initial offering is limited to 30 people.

If you have questions about the upcoming Program or wish to custom-train and certify a team, please contact us.

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