Eleven Diversity Sourcing Exam-Like Questions

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In 2020, Diversity is on everyone’s mind. Our first run of the Diversity Sourcing Training and Certification Program has exceeded our expectations in the way it has been received. We have an audience of thirty eager to learn recruiters. They show a “can’t wait to put my hands on it” attitude, which every trainer loves. They ask questions. They tell us that they love the program; not a single one has complained. The first seven people already graduated with a CDSP credential.

Our next program run is scheduled to start on November 10, 2020 and . Again, it will be limited to 30 people. Visit the page to sign up.

Soon, we will look at scaling up the program to have fewer monthly limitations.

I want to share with you some examples of the questions participants may get at the exams. (No, you are on your own!)

As you can see, all questions fall into six categories in application to Diversity sourcing:

  1. Exploratory Research
  2. Google Search
  3. X-Ray
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Social Sourcing
  6. Cross-Referencing

These questions are similar to the ones we have been giving at the general Sourcing Certification Exams.

Have fun:

  1. This woman is Director, Consumer Banking & ME Region Exec, Bank of America, and moderates a “Meet the Experts” panel at a conference of which association (enter its URL)?
  2. How many members of vetfriends.com by the name of Mark Jones served as Coastguards?
  3. The first African American to serve on the board of Alphabet and Google was formerly a partner at which consulting firm?
  4. This member of Anita.org – https://community.anitab.org/author/natashagreen25/ – is the owner of a company that gives lessons in:
    – PowerPoint
    – Greek
    – Archery
    – Scuba diving
  5. The Gulf Coast Minority Chamber of Commerce has a business directory listing a person from the Navy Federal Credit Union. What is her top endorsed skill according to her LinkedIn profile?
  6. What is the closest number? In the United States, minority-owned businesses enterprises make up about X percent of the nation’s total businesses.
    A. 2%
    B. 15%
    C. 20%
    D. 33%
  7. According to LinkedIn, what is the top college that employees of White Mountain Apache Tribe graduated from?
  8. How many people have “Diversity & Inclusion Officer” as part of their job title on LinkedIn, live in Washington, DC, and are interested in joining a non-profit board?
  9. How many African American CEOs are there among Fortune 500 companies?
  10. How would you complete the string to X-Ray for members of the International Association of Women? site:*
  11. This woman is a Chapter President of the Alaska Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. What statement describes her employer most closely?
  • “Alaska Natives”-oriented association
  • Oil pipeline transportation company
  • Supply chain management
  • Public relations

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