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David Galley and I are obsessed with tools, hacks, links, and sites. On our Slack, we have a channel called “Interesting Links” that gets populated nearly daily. Where do we get the info? Facebook Groups, Recruiting Brainfood Newsletter, shares in Messenger by colleagues, tweets with the hashtag #OSINT, RSS feeds from selected sources, and always, Googling. Once in a while, tool authors get in touch asking to be included in Tools.

Tool: SalesQL

Its target audience is sales, but it works wonders in our sourcing projects (combined with a few others). Not only does it guess contacts, providing a confidence rate – it can also grab many profiles from a search page or download your connections, and keeps results in exportable projects. Some functions are paid.

Hack: guess developer’s emails with more than 15% certainty (then verify).

It is not news that people often use one handle for social accounts and Gmail. The rate of right guesses vary. But – I ran an experiment on 16K+ GitHub handles (that we have collected). Then, I constructed the email guesses as <handle>@gmail.com. I uploaded the list to LinkedIn Recruiter – and got 15% matches! Given that more than half of GitHhub developers likely do not register the same email on GitHub and Linkedin, the true success rate is more like 30%. The selection, intentionally, was from a wide range of locations and languages.

Site: see many LinkedIn public profiles in Incognito

Why would you want to do so? Well – not to visit LinkedIn for any reason. Or, figure out which terms to put in your X-Ray searchGoogle’s Mobile Friendly Viewer.

Check out our Training Library – each class has many tips like the above.

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