The Power of the Hidden Operators

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At this time, we have the best free LinkedIn search ever available, surpassing even Recruiter’s in several ways. Searching for skills, exact location, spoken language, fields of study, years of experience, and at school, are welcome (unplanned) additions to the search. The never-documented LinkedIn search operators offer filters that are otherwise paid – or are not offered at all – such as the filter for the headline:

headline:”open to work”.

The searching power of the operators goes beyond utilizing the previously unavailable filters because you can combine the hidden operators and Boolean logic.


Operators allow you to search for members who do NOT have a particular value for a field. For example, you can search for a Developer NOT in the Gaming industry, or a member who has your keywords but is NOT in HR, or a member who speaks Italian and lives outside of Italy:

(NOT geo:italy) spokenlanguage:italian

Boolean Combinations

Since the operators bring back the search from the boxes in the advanced dialog into one string, you can use the Boolean logic unavailable in the faceted dialog. Example:

((NOT company:bank) title:manager) OR (company:bank title:”vice president”)).

Can you still benefit from LinkedIn Recruiter? Yes, though the new version has much weaker functionality than the one before it. Come to the upcoming webinar to learn

how to use Recruiter masterfully!

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