10 Alternatives to InMail

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You can reach prospects who ignore your LinkedIn InMails in at least ten different ways.

I am sure you familiar with some. How many of the following methods do you use in practice? (Please feel free to comment.)

  1. Email. If an email address is associated with a LinkedIn profile, your message will land in the same email Inbox as an InMail. However, the email comes from you, while InMail has a linkedin.com return address. Gmail users may get your InMail in the “Social” category, which they never check. Others ignore everything LinkedIn sends! Email does not have that problem.
  2. Call.
  3. Text.
  4. Invite to connect. LinkedIn has introduced a weekly limit for invitations – however, if you upload a list of emails, the limit does not apply. (Besides, uploading will let you see which profiles are associated with which addresses – big deal!)
  5. Ask a common connection to be introduced.
  6. Find someone with whom you have a LinkedIn Group in common, go to the group, and send a message there. Group messaging is no longer limited.
  7. Source in LinkedIn Events, and you can message everyone. If you organize an event, you can even download a list of attendees along with their emails! To do so, you need to create an event as a company and set the registration “via LinkedIn.” If you search for people with security clearance or other “elusive” qualities (meaning keywords absent from profiles), Events are a promising channel.
  8. Message on any site that allows it – Facebook/Messenger, Reddit, XING, Slack, you name it.
  9. @mention them on any site that allows it. It is a semi-private way to reach out on Twitter.
  10. Interact with their posted content and comments.

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