20 LinkedIn Profile X-ray Strings for 2022

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By current job title:

site:linkedin.com/in intitle:”salesforce consultant”

By current company:

site:linkedin.com/in intitle:oracle

By any company:

site:linkedin.com/in “amazon graphic”

Company past not present

site:linkedin.com/in “ibm graphic” -intitle::ibm 

Group member:

site:linkedin.com/in “sourcing summit graphic”


site:linkedin.com/in “cissp graphic”


site:linkedin.com/in “american hospital association graphic”


site:linkedin.com/in “Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) graphic”


site:linkedin.com/in “recommendations given”

Presence of “Honors and Awards”

site:linkedin.com/in intext:”honors and awards”

Good grades:

site:linkedin.com/in “cum laude” OR hons OR honours OR honors OR “first class” OR “1st class” OR bien OR “2:1”

First and last name:

mary AROUND(2) jones site:linkedin.com/in

Current location:

“new orleans” AROUND(5) connections site:linkedin.com/in

Job location for service providers

site:linkedin.com “work location * san francisco bay area”

Public Gmail address

site:linkedin.com/in “gmail.com”

Job title at a past company:

site:linkedin.com/in “chief * officer” AROUND(4) microsoft -intitle:chief -intitle:microsoft.

Service providers

site:linkedin.com/in “work preference”


“I accept direct messages and business inquiries by anyone on LinkedIn for free even if we’re not connected.”

People recommended by Donna site:linkedIn.com/in “Click here to view Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer’s profile”


site:linkedin.com/in 🌈

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  1. I’m wondering about the comma after .com in your strings. Is this to account for /in as well as /pub? Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the sourcing community!

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