The Best of 2021

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Thank you for reading my blog! 1,80000 views and counting.

1,600 Recruiters took The CDSP Sourcing Certification Program for Recruiters and Teams. See feedback.

200 researchers bought the one and only book on CSEs – Custom Search – Discover more: 1st Edition. It took a year and 1/2 to write.

LinkedIn Operators work in LinkedIn Recruiter Job Title or Company Links (thanks Aaron Lintz!)

The last and most read 20 LinkedIn Profile X-ray Strings for 2022. Our cat R2D2 messed up with it and now wants to have his own blog!

Github – Tech Recruiters Paradise sponsored by AmazingHiring.

X-Ray webinar recording.

Most read post ever – Hidden Profiles

8K+ people joined the FB Boolean Strings Group

I am open to sourcing projects(10K+ views).

Follow Cyb_detective. #OSINT

Email Collector

Watched “New Tricks” and “Line of Duty”. British TV is awesome!

Happy sourcing!



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