War In Ukraine

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I have not posted any non-sourcing content before, but I want to speak up this time.

The war in Ukraine is horrible. Children have died.

Let us support the Ukrainians by donations. Here, your donation will go directly to the Ukrainian refugees (shared by a friend who knows the organization) – https://www.cashforrefugees.org

Putin has started the war, not the Russians. Russia is going back to the USSR’s worst aspects. Currently, the Russian media tells lies, and many social networks are blocked. Let us help the Russians by sharing information. Telegram is a good place to share – and track – news.

I am Russian. I had a Russian Grandmother, Ukrainian Grandfather, and a Kyiv-born Jewish Grandmother. What’s happening feels like a bad dream.

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  1. Nothing seems to prick Putin’s conscience. Riot police and conscripts served as cannon fodder to fight this unjustifiable war. Losing power to chernobyl plant, what are we getting into? Hope better sense prevails sooner than later.

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