You Are Missing 570MLN+ LinkedIn Members, 12M+ Open To Work

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In our training, we look into restrictive search filters on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. Some restrictions come from members with “shallow” profiles; many (such as seniority, function, or company size) are there because LinkedIn cannot interpret some of its data correctly.

If you use LinkedIn Recruiter, you likely search by years of experience. But have you tried searching for any years of experience, from zero to 30 (max)? This search finds only 290M+ LinkedIn members (and you are missing the rest):

Equipped with the hidden search operators, you can find people with more than 30 years of experience; there are 21M+:

So how many people are missing when you search for years of experience? And how many of them are “open to work”? Ready?

570M+ LinkedIn Members Have No Years of Experience
Of These, 12M+ Are Open To Work

Indeed, these profiles do not have enough information. But when you search for years of experience, apparently, you only access about 34% of LinkedIn profiles.

If you have a hard-to-fill opening, you might want to drop the filter or even search for people with no “yoe” on purpose. Your response rate will be higher!

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