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Over the last two years, Google has enhanced the display of additional knowledge around search results. This post is to bring the feature to your attention. It aids in researching topics or sites. For now, it works only in US/English searches.

Press on the three dots by a Google search result to discover:

“More about this source”

It is useful when you are unfamiliar with the site. Google will point you to:

  • The Knowledge Graph object with a description, facts, and related objects
  • “In their own words,” a quote about the site
  • When the site was first indexed
  • Pages describing the source (check its credibility)

Curious to find this info about a particular page? Google for its URL in “”s, or use the site: operator, then follow the three dots.

“More about this topic”

If relevant, Google will show “top news.” Click on “View full coverage” to see the news, like this on a search Zelensky:

Note that these are “top” news, different from those you will find in a Google News search.

And perhaps the most interesting part is “Related results.” With the operator related: being phased out, along with “similar” links by search results, it brings up highly-ranked pages relevant to your search.

You can expect to find quality information on your topic of interest by clicking the three dots.

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