How to X-Ray for Hiring Managers

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Job hunting or looking for clients? Here is how to locate LinkedIn members who have open positions, for networking.

It is common for people who are hiring to put in their headlines the word “hiring” (or “looking for”) along with the role(s) open.

Google’s operator inanchor: searches in Headlines.

So, here is, as an example, how to find Hiring Managers for Accountants:

accountant inanchor:hiring inanchor:accountant.

You can state your preferences of whom to find, like

Replace accountant with any job title, and see the profiles of hiring authorities for the jobs of interest.

As a bonus, you can collect lists of profile URLs from X-Ray with Instant Data Scraper, bulk-upload to SalesQL, copy the list of email addresses, and mass-invite them to connect. When they accept, review their timeline, which may include the details of the opening, and send a follow-up message or two. Networking is an excellent way to utilize LinkedIn.

We have added a new Agent to Social List that collects and exports lists of Hiring Managers.

Check out our recently updated Sourcing Hacks, 4th Edition ebook, where you will find various other tips to make sourcing easier.


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