The Complete LinkedIn X-Ray – August 18, 2022

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Manipulating X-Ray results with operators such as inanchor:, AROUND(X), and others allows anyone to run precise Google-based searches.

You can use Google X-Ray Search to find LinkedIn profiles (for free) in remarkable ways! Search for:

– Work locations
– Correct latest company (when multiple “current” companies exist on a profile)
– Correct latest job title (when multiple “current” job titles exist on a profile)
– Past Companies
– Past Job Titles
– Latest attended school
– “True” years of experience at current company
Grades at school
– Recommendations and Quantity of Recommendations
– Certifications
– Recently Unemployed
Hiring Managers
– and more.

Some X-Ray opportunities, like searching for headlines or work locations, are not offered at any cost on LinkedIn. And any paid LinkedIn account is infinitely more expensive than X-Ray, because it costs nothing!

Please join Mike Santoro and me for a fast-paced webinar for Recruiters dedicated to X-Raying LinkedIn on August 18th,

The Complete LinkedIn X-Ray

Learn how to use templates for various values, advanced operators, search parameters, and utilize collected results. We will include some live demos.

100% of your payments for the webinar (pay-what-you-can) will go to humanitarian help for Ukraine. 🇺🇦 Please help us spread the word about the class! We promise to deliver some cool sourcing content that will benefit any intermediate-to-advanced Recruiter.


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