Search for Physicians on NPINO plus a Diversity Tip

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The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is an identification number for covered Healthcare providers – doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, and other medical staff. Many sites duplicate this info (Google for any concrete NPI number to find them). The primary site to use for search is In Healthcare sourcing, it can complement utilizing Healthcare registries.

View available lists of Physicians on, like Surgery NPI Lookup, and run our friend Instant Data Scraper. The tool will supply you with the Physicians’ names and some extra info.

Here is a Diversity searching tip. Take a close look at the output –

and you will notice different scraped image URLs for men and women. You can filter away!

Having a list of names, assemble a long OR search for first and last names using our LinkedIn Boolean Builder (optionally, add their specialty and other parameters) and search on LinkedIn. This way, you will likely discover some promising profiles that lack the “right” keywords. You won’t find them by LinkedIn search alone – but they are your prospects, based on NPINO data combined with LinkedIn’s. Finding their (even not very informative) LinkedIn profile opens up possibilities to reach out: InMail, invite, and run contact-finding extensions.

Please join me for a brand-new two-part webinar, Practical Healthcare Sourcing, on August 10-11 2022. The first part covers NPINO, various sources like license verification sites, sites to look up Nurses and Therapists, search sites for Healthcare professionals like Doximity (and more), Indeed, and a brief overview of the (paid) aggregators and SeekOut. The second is LinkedIn and Google tips, finding and verifying contacts, and sourcing scenarios, including messaging. I promise it will be informative 🙂.

Diversity enthusiasts, please join us for Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP) Program – September 2022!

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