Advanced Sourcing School and #CPSP Exam & Catch Up on the News

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Hello Sourcers and Recruiters:

On October 25th, 2022, we are launching our most substantial live training program for Recruiters yet,

Advanced Sourcing School and CPSP Exam,

and you are invited! As hands-on Sourcers working across industries and globally, we share proven sourcing methods. Subscribers are eligible, so if you are into sourcing, consider subscribing. The School is a way to “learn it all” in less than two weeks, prove yourself by taking the certification exam, and keep the materials for future reference. Only a few seats are left. Please reach out if you have any questions. Oh, and here’s a Q&A.

Using a premium account on LinkedIn? Unfortunately, the search is broken. Consider upgrading or X-Raying. 😉

Googling? I have run into something interesting – The Behavior of the Quotes (Google Search Report). Luckily, we got unique insights from Google’s Danny Sullivan (we are told that Google’s team “had a lively discussion” over the findings, lol). It turns out that when you Google, the search engine assesses your string and gives you different results based on whether it “senses” an “open-ended” or “restrictive” search. There is still a lot of mystery left – let us explore it! This discussion affects those who want to see as many results as possible for a search.

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Happy Sourcing!

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