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Welcome to the new Artificial Intelligence world that has rapidly arrived!

ChatGPT has no manual! We are equally ignorant at the start. I am OK with it because I am one of those who never read the instructions (lol).

An often-missed so far angle to discuss #ChatGPT is to have a dialog with ChatGPT without an intention to create content (in whatever format). The purpose can be decision-making, brainstorming for work and personal goals, or fast fact-learning, to sound intelligent on a date or at a party with experts or quickly start sourcing.

Same as with any content creation, you can combine conversations with assigning a role to ChatGPT. (You’ve seen those lists.) This adds a new dimension to the output. Here are some excellent recruiting-related A.I. Dialog examples on our new rapidly expanding Facebook Group #ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Prompts, Insights for Recruitment.

As you know, with any request lacking detail, ChatGPT starts with something generic and wordy. Do not be discouraged! You have to be strict and insistent on concrete responses that match your request. I think I am acquiring the skill. 🙂 Observations I will be sharing on the blog, new newsletter, and new group, and eventually, in a class, come from my limited but growing experience.

These bits stand out:

  • A challenge is that ChatGPT has a short memory, so putting together as much info as possible upfront is a good idea.
  • ChatGPT is especially good at generating lists of possible solutions for a problem. You can continue the dialog by exploring each appealing option and making your request more specific based on its suggestions.
  • Do not make your prompts suggestive of an answer. It may lead the Intelligence to try and please you by lying.
  • You can make ChatGPT yours if you start the dialogs, understand what to expect, and share and digest what others have learned. Collective Learning is an essential part of it.

It’s hard not to imagine the tool’s “personality.” I often see ChatGPT as forgetful, lazy, and stubbornly protecting the “gold” it hides somewhere deep.  Think of a fairy tale where a magic phrase opens the treasure guarded by a dragon, and you are the Hero. The tool is an invitation to be creative, imaginative, observant, intuitive, resourceful, and “digitally manipulative” in a good sense. These are keys to the new skill acquisition. And just like swimming or sourcing, learning is inseparable from practice.

Are our jobs in danger? Are you serious? It is a new human craft, and few will master it (as with any art). I read somewhere an analogy that photography did not destroy paintings. A popular tweet reads: A.I. will not replace you. A person using A.I. will.

My colleagues and I are interested due to the possibilities and because we already have the “studying software behavior” curiosity, skills, and experience, after exploring Google’s and LinkedIn’s algorithms in-depth over the years. GPT-3, ChatGPT is quite a new kid on the block! It has trivial stuff on the surface and gold to dig out with new skills.

We are preparing a February webinar to summarize the useful bits of the #AI Revolution for busy Recruiters. Stay tuned by joining the FB communities and following our schedule. Once delivered, classes show up in the Training Library. The 11K+-strong Boolean Strings FB Group will stay on sourcing topics, and AI discussions are channeled to the new group.

P.S. My friends and Facebook followers know that I have also been spending time with Midjourney for image creation for enjoyment.

Sadly, drawing is not of my many talents. But creating unique prompts, some with ChatGPT (a prompt for a prompt!) switches the creativity into the area where I am capable and learning. Think about such possibilities!

I will hopefully figure out a separate channel for my #A.I. galleries. Since I haven’t yet, I want to share a recent creation, a Fruit-Themed Gift:



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