ChatGPT Will Not Replace You If You Embrace It

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My recent LinkedIn poll, “Recruiters: are you already using #ChatGPT in your work to write emails to prospects and other content?” shows an impressive rate of acceptance and interest in ChatGPT.

Our Facebook group ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Prompts, Insights for Recruitment amassed 5.6K+ members in no time; I have never seen such growth. The LinkedIn group with the same name is exploding as well.

Attitudes vary a lot, though. Answering “What is your interest in ChatGPT?” someone joining the FB group said, “Know thine enemy.” (lol)

Some skepticism arises from unimpressive initial uses.

  • If you tried ChatGPT and it produced a generic, mediocre piece of writing, you may have voted “It is not good enough” in the poll. But rewriting your prompt and giving it additional direction will help!
  • ChatGPT sometimes states the wrong facts. It is not a good reason to stay away from it! But remember to verify its output.

On the other hand, some enthusiasts believe they will now automate any writing. Or they worry about their jobs. Not so fast! If you spend at least a few hours with ChatGPT, you will learn that getting the desirable, well-written piece requires a lot of effort, guesswork, testing, and (yes) Googling. Just as there are no useful Boolean Builders, there is a limit to lists of universal ChatGPT recipes anyone can create. Using ChatGPT is more of “know-how.”

We have pushed ChatGPT’s tires a bit, and I will be sharing what I have learned in a webinar. The proceeds will go to a good cause.

Pease join me at a 90-minute webinar Revolutionizing Recruitment with ChatGPT and AI (Ukraine Benefit) on Wednesday, February 15th! Some of the topics I will cover are:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities
  • ChatGPT vs. Google
  • How ChatGPT can be used to streamline and enhance various aspects of the recruitment process
    • Research the market
    • Create Boolean Strings
    • Manipulate text data
    • Craft targeted LinkedIn messages and emails to passive candidates
    • Improve your writing
    • Generate interview questions and assessment tests
  • Brainstorm with ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT for everyday use
  • Limitations and how to overcome them
  • Competing landscape
  • Image AI
  • Q&A session

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