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Google has been rolling out continuous scrolling, and it’s a challenge. Seeing all of your results now requires a lot of scrolling down and pressing the “more results” button.

There is a preference, but it does not influence Google’s behavior (at least for me):

The change is unfortunate. Chrome extensions and other tools will break over the scrolling format.

However, there is a workaround. Add &start=<any number> to the end of your search URL, and the familiar view with numbered pages comes back. Following the link, you will arrive at the second page and then all tools, including Instant Data Scraper, will behave again.

So, to view or collect all results:

  1. Get results from the first page
  2. Use &start=1 to get to the second and following pages.

Note that the “include omitted results” option is now hard to reach:

Therefore, remember to add &filter=0 to your search URL to get more results from the same sites.

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