Bye, #ChatGPT DAN!

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There is no need for “DAN” Do Anything Now jailbreaking prompts to try and access the web anymore. The New Bing Chat has changed that. 
The new Bing does not look like “the search engine Bing combined with ChatGPT”  – it is “Bing Chat,”
ChatGPT with web access
(in a different tab even). That is excellent news!
Here is an example of what you can do as soon as you get access to the new Bing.  Prompt:
Be cautious, though! ChatGPT always starts with minimal effort. Tell Bing Chat to be thorough. Tell it to digest the pages fully; otherwise, it may begin to hallucinate. There are still potential limitations that we will discover by practicing.
What are your experiences with the new Bing?

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