Doximity Healthcare Custom Search Engine

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Are you curious about Custom Search Engine operators more:pagemap:? The Healthcare site Doximity offers, I think, the richest set of them.

Look at the export of a search on Doximity with our tool Social List, based on CSE APIs:

Here is the list of operators applicable on a Doximity CSE:

  • more:p:metatags-profile_first_name:$firstname
  • more:p:metatags-profile_last_name:$lastname
  • more:p:metatags-profile_gender:$gender
  • more:p:person-honorificsuffix:$degree
  • more:p:person-jobtitle:$jobtitle
  • more:p:educationalorganization-name:$eduname
  • more:p:profilepage-award:$award
  • more:p:profilepage-affiliation:$affiliation
  • more:p:postaladdress-addresslocality:$city
  • more:p:postaladdress-addressregion:$state
  • more:p:postaladdress-postalcode:$postalcode
  • more:p:medicalscholarlyarticle-name:$topic

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