Integrating Social Media into Your Talent Recruitment Strategy

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Social Media Marketing can play an important role in keeping a pipeline of potential targets informed and possibly interested. Running groups, newsletters, and events along with social media shares can make a difference in the perception of your company as well as attract the right people. Combining channels means reminders and further reach.

For starters, your profile as a marketer is important (see some LinkedIn Profile SEO tips). As of late, LinkedIn is also more likely to promote something you share if it correlates with your profile background.

Part of our work happens on Social Media. We share content, moderate Social Network groups, and also use the groups to promote our events. We have made mistakes along the way for sure, and eventually learned a few Social Marketing tips that do not require special tools, yet save time, and expand the reach. See some of our numbers below (showing that we are reaching interested people).

Here are some aspects of Online Marketing.

Events. Does your company host or participate in events attractive to your target audience? Posting them on Social Media will allow you to track the audience and even expand your email list (e.g., from LinkedIn Events).

Groups. LinkedIn Groups are long beyond their glamor days. But you can “pin” and “broadcast” messages which makes them (more) visible. Professional Facebook Groups, on the other hand, are flourishing; as an admin, you have marketing power.

Newsletters. If you set your LinkedIn profile to be in “creative mode,” you can start a newsletter. If you are busy, get help from ChatGPT for editing and Grammarly, for polishing. While “plain” LinkedIn articles are barely shown, newsletters (i.e. articles with a “newsletter” option) have a good chance to gather an audience.

I will share Social Marketing tips and techniques in a brand-new webinar

“Integrating Social Media into Your Talent Recruitment Strategy”

on JULY 27 @ 8 AM PACIFIC, and you are invited!

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