Who Needs LinkedIn Recruiter? X-Ray vs. LinkedIn Search Comparison Chart – July 2023

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Hung Lee asked me on the recent Brainfood on Air show dedicated to LinkedIn, whether the comparison chart between X-Ray and LinkedIn Recruiter remains the same as in October 2022 when I published it. Not quite. Thanks to David Galley for helping me to update it.
The changes are mostly subtle though. X-Ray remains a powerful tool.


LinkedIn.com LinkedIn Recruiter Google X-Ray (finds public profiles) Google Template Example
Name Y Y intitle:<name> site:linkedin.com/in intitle:”phil tusing”
Current Job Title Y (false positives) Y (false positives) Y – intitle:<title> site:linkedin.com/in intitle:”executive assistant”
Current Company Y (false positives) Y (false positives) Y – intitle:<company> site:linkedin.com/in intitle:seekout
Last Company on Profile (even if left) N N Y – inanchor:<company> site:linkedin.com/in inanchor:”morgan stanley”
Last School on Profile N N Y – inanchor:<school> site:linkedin.com/in inanchor:ucla
Headline N Y – headline: secret operator Y – inanchor:<headline> site:linkedin.com/in inanchor:”open to work”
Summary N Y – summary: secret operator N
Current Job Title Y Y Y site:linkedin.com/in intitle:machinist
Job descriptions N N Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in “scaled up” start-up cloud bay area
Self-Entered Skills Y – in Company Employees and School Alums search Y – skills: secret operator N
Skills and Assessments N Y but works almost like keywords
Past Company Y Y Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in -intitle:chevron inanchor:chevron
Past Job Locations N N Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in “united kingdom” canada AROUND(3) present
Past Job – <title at company> N N Y – use AROUND(X) site:linkedin.com/in “CFO” CFO AROUND(3) google
YOE N Y (but rounded) N
True Years at Company N Y (but rounded) Y – with AROUND(X) or Asterisks “present” site:linkedin.com/in “present” AROUND “2..6 years” operations manager
Years in Position N Y (but rounded) N
Current Location Y – by Area  Name Y by Area  Name or Zip/Radius Y – by Area  Name site:linkedin.com/in present AROUND(3) “greater new york” operations manager “new york”
Profile in Language Y Y Y – secondary profiles end in /<lg> – 2-letter country abbreviation site:fr.linkedin.com/in/*/fr
Spoken Languages N Y Y – approximate site:linkedin.com/in “Native or bilingual proficiency” tagalog
Function (calculated) N Y N
Seniority (calculated) N Y N
Company Type (calculated) N Y N
Company Size (calculated) N Y N
School Y (Boolean) Y (selection only) Y (by keywords; imprecise) site:linkedin.com/in “school of arts and enterprise” -intitle:”school of arts”
Last School N N Y – inanchor:<school> site:linkedin.com/in scientist inanchor:sorbonne “sorbonne”
Field of study N Y Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in “quantum physics” university Phd
Industry Y Y N  
Years of study N (but see school alumni search) Y (but not tied to a school) N
Degree N Y (but may be incomplete) Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in mba AROUND(3) wharton management consultant big 4
Grades at School N N Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in GPA AROUND(3) “4.0” accounting
Other accomplishments – Publications/Projects/Courses/Licenses/etc N N Y (by keywords) site:linkedin.com/in/ “credential ID” AROUND(2) CDSP
Recommendations N N Y (by keywords)
Open to Work Status N Y N
Network Relationships Y (buggy) Y (buggy) N
Followers of Y N N
Connections Of Y N N
Group Member N Y N
Open to Volunteering Y N N
Service categories Y N Y (some)
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  1. All that’s well and good, but targeting folks who are US Citizens, hold active clearances at Top Secret or higher, and are software engineers, is still not as easy to identify in LinkedIn.

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