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Did you realize that since Google had replaced the convenient multi-page display with the "More results" button, its users have encountered fewer results? If previously we got up to ~300-450 results, now, by pressing the "More" button until there is nothing left, gets us no more than 130-140. (Searching using quotes and operators, or Verbatim does not help). We have tested that.

To get back the results you no longer see from the "official" UI, do not use the "More" button. Instead, set your preferences to 100 results per page and add these to the search URL in turn (until there are no more results):

  • &start=100
  • &start=200
  • &start=300
  • &start=400

For example,

The pages appear with different sets of up to 100 records. You can now collate them!

An even faster option is to use this script "Google Search Results Expander" from Mike Santoro (right-mouse-click/Inspect/Console/paste the script):

javascript:(function() {
var query = prompt("Enter your Google search query:");
if (query !== null) {
var base_url = "" + encodeURIComponent(query);
var urls = [
base_url + "&num=100&start=0&filter=0",
base_url + "&num=100&start=100&filter=0",
base_url + "&num=100&start=200&filter=0",
base_url + "&num=100&start=300&filter=0"
urls.forEach(function(url, index) {
setTimeout(function() {;
}, index * 2000);

Since the Google UI change, Instant Data Scraper no longer extracts all results out-of-the-box, but you can open the tool over these pages and merge the lists of results.

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      1. I’m not able to make this adjustment. “This option to search by pages is only available for certain regions so please note that if it is gone for your account, see if it comes with an indication of why.”

        But no specific as to why.

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      3. I’m US based. Also switched to Panama, same result. Upon checking more on this issue I found dated from August 2023, which has since been updated (n.d.) with this notice now headlining the page: “Note: Google has updated the Preferences page, there is no option for 100 results yet. You should use the parameter method by adding “&num=100” at the end of the Google search URL.” In my case I have already been getting in excess of 10 results per page so perhaps some earlier setting stayed in place when Google decided to downgrade.

    2. Radek, I had the same issue. After some research, I found that if you add &num=100&newwindow=1&filter=0&start=100 to the search it will automatically change your page results to 100 (you can of course adjust it to the number you want).

      Irina Shamaeva thanks a lot for sharing!

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