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We have learned some unexpected things about searching for LinkedIn members by Company, Company Size, and Type. It’s good to know what to do about those.

Let’s continue examining LinkedIn filters. Consider this search in LinkedIn Recruiter using operators:

  • Current Job Title = director NOT (seniority:1 OR seniority:2 OR seniority:3 OR seniority:4 OR seniority:5 OR seniority:6 OR seniority:7 OR seniority:8 OR seniority:9 OR seniority:10)
  • Years at Company > 1

The search finds people with the word director in the current job title and no Seniority assigned.

Among results, you will see members who should have a seniority value (of “Director”,) like these. But you will not find them by any level of seniority including “Director.”

Try a similar search with the word “Senior” instead of “Director” and encounter missing results again. There are 510K+ people with the word “Senior” in the current title, over 2 years at the current company, and with no assigned level of Seniority. Here is an example – the member should have a “Senior” level assigned, but he doesn’t:

Conclusion – in addition to what my previous LinkedIn search post says:

Do not use Seniority in most of your searches.

In fact, any value selection in LinkedIn people search cuts your results in half or more! I will continue the series to cover other filters.

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