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This Custom Search Engine  Search .gov .com .org .edu will search only domains with one of the four extensions. You can refine the results to see results from only one of them (such as .gov).

Custom Search Engine: “Document Finder” #Sourcecon

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The #sourcecon 1st challenge is out. It’s time to figure out Google Custom Search Engines! Here is a custom search engine I have just created: Document Finder (also posted on the Boolean Ning network) It has refinements for eight kinds of files: Word, PDF, Text, PPT, and more. Check it out! And here’s another new little search engine, perhaps useless …

Seven Custom Search Engines

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Google Custom Search Engines let us hide “unreadable” operators and reuse them. Search engines on Recruiting Blogs, CVFox, Big5Hire, Referyes are all custom search engines or are based on this technology. Custom engines have their tricky side but it’s not too hard to create a basic one. On your control panel, use the sections “sites” and “refinements” to start with, …

How to Avoid Using Boolean Operators

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If you are just getting your feet wet with Boolean Strings search, there’s one easy way to get into deeper searching but keep a bit of the syntax (the site: operator) hidden, and move on when you feel more comfortable. I am talking about Google’s Custom Search on the fly You will still have to remember to use minus (-) as “NOT”, …

Ten People Search Engines

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Ten People Search Engines… and Two Custom Engines Which people search engines do you use? The first four in the list below are my favorites. One extra criteria for me, in addition to getting good info, is convenient and friendly user interface. ZoomInfo Jigsaw Pipl Tweepz (for Twitter) I also X-ray, looking for email addresses, …

Deep Web Search Using Google

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For many of us, Deep Web means pages that Google – or any other search engine – can’t find. This is almost true, but not exactly true. Deep web consists of  dynamic links, password-protected sites, pages with no links leading to them, and a few other kinds of “hidden” pages. It turns out (and you may have experienced that) that …

LinkedIn People Finder (International)

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I have updated my LinkedIn Google-based search engine, based on the recent changes to LinkedIn URLs (requiring us to say -inurl:dir -inurl:jobs instead of the “usual” -intitle:directory, first noticed by Glen Cathey). Here you go, and please note that this engine has country-based refinements: Try the updated LinkedIn People Finder and let me know what you think.