Sourcing Challenge Sponsored by @TheSocialCV Begins!

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We are about to announce the details of the Sourcing Challenge sponsored by @TheSocialCV

The challenge comes along with a free one week long trial available for all members of the Boolean Strings Network members, from 9AM January 31 till February 6. You will find the sign-up link on the site, along with some video-information on the product. (I wrote a review of the product back in November: TheSocialCV.)


Are you ready?

Please read very carefully!


  • Find a Software Developer, who has written code for mobile devices, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the largest number of social profiles
  • Find a bilingual medical professional who has a certification, anywhere in the US, with the largest number of social profiles
  • Find a PhD research scientist anywhere in Europe, teaching at a major university, with the largest number of social profiles

Bonus (used in case of a tie): Find as many as possible current employees of companies making search engines, who do not reveal any professional info on their twitter profiles.

You should use; all who sign up will get logins at 9MA Jan 31st. It’s also allowed to use other sources. Please send your entries (responses to the questions above) to by Feb 6th. You can send additions and corrections if you like. Please explain your solutions.

Our Esteemed Panel of Judges, consisting of:

will be reviewing all submissions and will announce the lucky winner shortly after Feb 6, 2012.

Have fun and good luck to all! 🙂

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