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HiringSolved is a new kid on the block among the gaining popularity people aggregators, the “dream software” tools, as I called them in excitement at the time when the first two of them were introduced, which was only two years ago.

What is different about Hiringsolved?

– They are concentrating on profile aggregation. I see this as a positive quality. People aggregation is not an easy task; doing it well requires some dedication. All the other vendors in this space are expanding their software to do many more functions.

– They are covering “the globe”, going internationally and across industries. At this point the majority of the people aggregator vendors either cover only or mostly software engineering in the US. For example, this profile on HiringSolved is not likely to be found in the competitor systems.

– The searches are really fast! In fact, on their trial link shown on their home page, the results pop up instantly.

– They are big on providing “actionable items”: they include contact email and phone numbers where it is possible to locate them. I am sure recruiters will like that.

The new system sounds promising. I hope they will stay on track, covering larger volumes and sources of information, keeping the data clean, and refining the algorithms. I have just heard that they are bringing on a browser add-on tool as well (here’s a screenshot that you should take a look at right now).

The company is sponsoring the upcoming SourceCon conference in Seattle, so if you are attending, I recommending checking it out while there. I will be there as the winner of the SourceCon Atlanta February 2013 challenge; at that conference I spoke exactly on the topic of people aggregators. (I am happy to get together if you are attending this time!)

For recruiters and sourcers internationally, especially for those who are sourcing outside of software engineering or outside of the US, I recommend trying it out and following HiringSolved.

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  1. @Irina – Based on your writeup is is not clear to me what this company offers that others don’t?
    Are you saying they provide email/[phone for $199/month (their starting price) and that’s why it is good?

    In your opinion, have they found anyone that is not already in LinkedIn?
    Or do you like the fact that they append social foot print to LinkedIn Profiles?

    Don’t other tools do this anyway.

    Just looking to see what you think this company’s USP or proprietary technology is.


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