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The Contest, sponsored by:

People Sourcing Certification and the People Aggregator HiringSolved – is over!

We had over 30 submissions from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Hungary, Russia, China, and India, with the majority of the participants coming from the US.

Here is some selected feedback from those who took part and submitted answers:

  • This was great fun, Irina! I really enjoyed it. Thank you!
  • I loved this contest
  • Very trick indeed
  • It was mind boggling
  • I guess I need to practice more or learn more – thanks goodness it’s Friday 😀
  • These are fun 🙂 you should do more!

First PrizeBoth levels of the Sourcing Certification Program Materials AND three months of full access to HiringSolved.

We have two winners, who both gave 100% correct answers. They are:

Vince Szymczak (Hungary)

Andrea Mitchell (UK)

Second Prize: The Winner’s choice of either Level 1 or Level 2 of the Program Materials AND one month of full access to HiringSolved. The winner is:

Maxim Ivanov (Russia)

If you didn’t know, Maxim runs an excellent blog on sourcing that you can read using Google Translate. Specifically, take a look at his recent post on interesting blogs for recruitersand the previous list, both with comments worth reviewing.

We’ll be in touch about the prizes.

These skilled sourcers are runners-up and came very close: Alex Edmonds and Roland Lancelot Pavamani.

Congratulations, all! Very well done.

Wondering about the answers? I am not going to post them; feel free to start discussions on our group and the Network. Here are some hints though, that should be enough to solve the trickiest questions:

1) What is the maximum number of results Google search can provide? (The specific quiz question was prompted by this blog post).
2) Search by Image on Google can be combined with the site: operator (X-raying). Regarding looking for a LinkedIn profile with the given profile image (Q1): the image in the contest had a piece of the URL shown, that was important as well; attention to details is important!
3) The Alumni page on LinkedIn would accept a keyword as the school name.
4) Files have properties.

Finally, one more question can be solved either by Googling or by reviewing the Boolean Mini-Book.

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