Sample Sourcing Certification Exam Questions

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Are you interested in getting certified?

Our – substantially reworked and improved in 2014 – Sourcing Certification Program now offers to take the Exam and Getting Certified independently of signing up for subscription to the interactive materials, as we have called them, “The SourceBook“.

You would definitely be well prepared if you subscribe to the material. But if you feel ready and confident, you can give the Exam a try and become Certified. The Exams are offered monthly, at the end of each month. The next round is coming up at the end of August 2014, and we already have quite a few folks signed up for it.

For those who are curious, here are a few sample Exam questions. Please note: no answers will be provided to these; of course, you are welcome to compare the notes in the comments. The questions are not too difficult, but you’d need t do a bit of research for each one. The Exam has 60 questions to answer.

Q1) For the person whose work phone number is 413-794-3248, what is her work email address?

Q2) Find a page on the High Country Fusion Company website, listing the company’s Australia staff. One of the people listed on the page does not have a LinkedIn account. What is the last name of that person?

Q3) One of the Engineering staff listed in this Directory has a work phone number publicly shared on his LinkedIn profile. What is that number?

Q4)  The site  has an Excel file (the xlsx type) that contains a long list of professionals with the names, company names, titles, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. How many records does the list have?

Q5) Complete the search string by replacing the ??? by a word, to create a Google search for profiles of members of Florida Direct Marketing Association:

Q6) Which of the following search strings on Google will find not only the pages with the word Programmer, but also some pages with of its synonyms?

  1. Programmer
  2. ~Programmer
  3. Programmer OR Developer OR Engineer
  4. Any one of the above will work

That’s it for now! Additionally, you can test your Sourcing knowledge on the site and get a response from an auto-checker.

The informational materials on the Sourcebook, including an outline and a sample video – can be found on the Certification site.

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