Workshop “Sourcing without LinkedIn”

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Workshop “Sourcing without LinkedIn”

If you are searching for professionals, you cannot avoid using LinkedIn. However, everyone is performing similar searches and finding the same profiles; premium accounts are expensive; and, most importantly, about 85% of professionals are either not on LinkedIn or have “shallow” profiles with too few keywords to be found. (Even if you subscribe to “LinkedIn Recruiter”, you won’t find those potential candidates.) Don’t put your eggs in one basket! Anyone who wants to be productive and competitive in finding and reaching out to target professionals must use the multitude of resources and tools that exist outside of LinkedIn.

I invite you to join Head Sourcing Certification Program Instructor David Galley for an interactive, information-packed 90-minute workshop on “Sourcing without LinkedIn”. (The webinar with the same title has been the most popular webinar we’ve had for the last two years!) Watch a multitude of quick how-to demos on finding resumes, CV’s, profiles, and lists of professionals – on associations, forums, meetups, vertical sites, custom search engines, and more. The majority of the tools covered in the workshop will be free or low cost.

If you attend “live”, you’ll be able to request demos on specific searches and tools. If you can’t attend live, send your questions, and we’ll make sure you get the right information for your searches.

Who should attend: everyone who searches for professionals, including Recruiters, Sourcers, and Talent Acquisitions Managers. Some familiarity with Google searching would help to get the most out of the workshop.

Why you should attend: you will be able to instantly enrich your Sourcing toolbox and apply new methods to find potential candidates you couldn’t find before, and those that your competitors may miss.

Date: Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Time: 9AM PST / 12PM EDT (Check Your Local Time for this Webinar)

The workshop is recorded and comes with one month of support on anything “Sourcing without LinkedIn”. Additionally, everyone who gets enrolled will get a Tip Sheet outlining various Sourcing sites, tools, and techniques. Sign up early; based on the previous experience, we expect the event to be sold out.

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