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For some changes in searching on Social Networks in 2015, please check out my previous post –  Searching Social Media Got Harder in 2015.

Below I have described some changes that are going to happen in Googling early in 2016. These are easy to predict: when a major site, such as LinkedIn or Google-Plus, changes the structure (title, URL, and content) of the public profile pages, the search strings will follow – as soon as Googlebot catches up with the new formats.

So here’s heads-up on some new X-Ray Boolean search string templates for 2016:

  1. If you haven’t noticed, all public LinkedIn profiles now have the piece. There are no /pub profiles any longer. That means that X-Ray template OR -pub.dir (or this version – inurl:in OR inur:pub -inurl:dir) can soon become much simpler – just should work.
  2. LinkedIn is creating new publicly accessible subdomains and directories, worth exploring – including topics and related skills and Lists.
  3. The redesigned public Google-Plus profiles have less info than before. As part of that, you cannot search for women using the phrase “have her in circles”, since it is no longer there.
  4. Google search continues to grow it’s semantic features, “understands” more searches. (Good to keep in mind and watch its progression. However, it will be a while before Google will automate sourcing for professionals, so we should feel safe at work for now!)
  5. The still-present #1 syntax rule in Google’s official help, the plus + searches for Google+ pages, no longer works (just try it and you will see).
  6. Anything YOU want to add to the list?

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