Sourcing Contest – Win 3 Months of Social List

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Hello Sourcers:

Take part in our latest Sourcing Contest if you haven’t yet! Here is the link:

Hurry – the deadline is EOB Friday, August 24th, 2018.

Your prize is a three-month subscription to our awesome Sourcing Tool – Social List (

Hint: you can easily solve the challenge by using Social List.

Once the Contest is over, I will update the post with the winners’ names.

Good luck everyone!


Thanks to all who have answered the contest questions! We had participants from the US, India, South Africa, the Netherlands, Russia, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Argentina, France, the UK, and Australia.

Congratulations to the winners! They are:

Alicia Priselac
Catia Sousa
Dilip Anjaria
Florian Bonnet
Galina Meriakri
James Galvin
Jan Bernhart
Jeremy Tatom
Jonathan Tarrico
Marija Zivanovic
Martin Freeman
Nagajothi Edumban
Naresh Kumar
Sankar David
Scott Quinn
Shane McCusker
Shivkumar Gurram
Susanna Frazier
Tatiana Durkot
Tatyasaheb Kolage
Trish Wyderka
Vidhya Lingappan
WP Strauss

Well done! Everyone on this list will get a three-month subscription to Social List.

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