Find Phone Numbers by Googling for ☎, ☏, or ✆

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Did you know that Google can search for symbols – including these: ☎, ☏, and ? We can use this capability to look for publicly posted phone numbers. Use an area code to find phone numbers in a target location.

Here is an example: paas software sales director (☎ OR ☏ OR ✆) 31

Nether LinkedIn nor Facebook can search by these symbols; Twitter can, though. Searching by  ☎, ☏, and ✆ when X-Raying LinkedIn is, therefore, another advantage of LinkedIn X-Ray search vs. its internal search.

P.S. Like this tip? Look, also, into searching by ✉.

P.P.S You can search for contact info on LinkedIn with this Custom Search Engine that I have just created:☎✉

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  1. I am sure I am asking a silly question but here goes . . . where do you find those icons – I did copy them but where would I find them again?

    1. Post

      There are lots of sources where you can find these icons. Google for something like phone symbol or phone emoji. MS Word also has a function to insert various symbols.

  2. Endocrinologist (☎ OR ☏ OR ✆ OR ✉) 971 …. i tried like but i got no results Ms. Irina
    Kindly help me out as i most do sourcing for GCC countries for Healthcare sector

    Thank you

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