Three Ways to X-Ray LinkedIn for Diversity

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You can search for Diversity candidates on LinkedIn using first names, pronouns, organizations, education (including Alumni search), group memberships, associations, employers (for veterans), and other ways.

X-Raying on Google can complement your sourcing process.

Search for ethnic names with accented characters

Google can search for accented characters; LinkedIn ignores them.

As an example, you can Google for Hispanic/Latino names such as María, Lucía, Mía, Sofía, Áxel, Bastián, Sebastián, Benjamín, Nicolás, Tomás, Julián, Jerónimo, Ángel, Álvaro, Álex, and Máximo.

Note that names with accented characters may include multiple countries and languages; spelling variants of Maria include Mária (Hungarian, Slovakian), María (Greek, Icelandic, Spanish), [[Máire]] and Muire (Irish), Marya and Marija (transliterated from Cyrillic). I.e., María may find Greek and Icelandic people in addition to Hispanics. But searching for the accented variations of a name always will add diversity to your searches.


Google can search for emojis; LinkedIn ignores them.

Here are some LGBTQ+ X-Ray searches:


Google searches for everything present on public profiles, including recommendations; LinkedIn does not offer Recommendation searches by keywords.

On LinkedIn, you can search for pronouns added to the last name: she (her OR hers OR them). On Google, you can find additional profiles from keywords in Recommendations: intitle:”hardware engineer” she OR her -intitle:she.

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