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Following up on the Sourcing Quiz, (that was quite popular!) I am posting the solutions and answers to the questions.

Question 1: Find a LinkedIn member, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose headline is “Student at SDSU Executive MBA” and who started school in 2018. What is his last name?

Solution 1: This search on LinkedIn finds the right profile, but the profile is out of everyone’s network, and we can’t see the name. To find the last name, X-Ray: site:linkedin.com/in OR site:linkedin.com/pub -pub.dir “Student at SDSU Executive MBA” “san francisco bay area” 2018

Answer 1: Novoa

Question 2: For this GitHub user – https://github.com/dlwh – who is his current employer?

Solution 2: The Github profile shows the company is Semantic Machines. If we look up the person’s LinkedIn profile (by following the link https://www.linkedin.com/sales/gmail/profile/viewByEmail/[email protected]) we will see the current company listed as Microsoft. Since Microsoft has acquired Semantic Machines, the answer “Sourcing Machines” is also acceptable.

Answer 2: Microsoft (or “Semantic Machines”)

Question 3: Find a LinkedIn profile with a headline containing the person’s Yahoo-based email address and also a phrase: “Strategist | Influencer | Disruptor | Innovator.” What is the email address shared in the headline?

Solution 3: You might try this search on LinkedIn – headline:”Strategist Influencer Disruptor Innovator yahoo” – but it produces no results. (The reason is that LinkedIn won’t search for part of an email address). However, this search – headline:”Strategist Influencer Disruptor Innovator”
finds two profiles, one of which is the one we are looking for.

Answer 3: [email protected]

Question 4: There is a member of the “Women Who Code” Meetup, based out of San Francisco, who states her interest in four programming languages, including Java and Scala. She has misspelled the name of one of the languages (starting with an “H”). What is the correct spelling?

Solution 4: X-Ray the Meetup: site:meetup.com/Women-Who-Code-SF/members Java scala. You will find this profile that matches the requirement.

Answer 4: Haskell

Question 5: Which of the following works as a search operator on Indeed.com resume search?

  • employers:
  • employer:
  • schools:
  • skills:
  • yoe:

Solution 5: Review the list on Indeed operators on their site.

Answer 5: skills:

Hope you had some fun solving these!

We got correct submissions from:

  • Antonio Miragliotta
  • Kitti Nagy
  • Marc Spiron
  • Abhilash S.
  • Abraham Devkule
  • Jeremy Tatom
  • Natalija Vukadinovic
  • Hemanth Nanduru
  • Shivkumar Gurram
  • Kumar K

Well done! And here is the (randomly selected from those who submitted the correct entries) winner who gets to take the Sourcing Certification Exams as our guest:

Shawn Vyas

– congratulations, Shawn!




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