Social List Gets its First Diversity Agent

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Are you sourcing for diversity? Those of us who are, know how laborious sourcing can become if you aim to be genuinely inclusive.
As a solution to some of those sourcing pains, the Social List Team is happy to introduce –

LinkedIn Agent – Diversity – Females.

(If you are unfamiliar with our tool Social List, it allows you to find instantly, enrich, and export target lists of pubic profiles from various social networks. The tool is subscription-based, with a 7-day trial.)

The new Diversity Agent has the same UI as LinkedIn Agent (see the blurred screenshot above) but will return only (or mostly) women’s profiles.
Note that, while you get instant results, do not expect them to be “perfect” (at least not until we have polished the algorithm):
  1. Social List may miss some matching results (this applies to any Social List search and Google search as well)
  2. You may see some false positives (i.e., men) for some queries. Please report those to us; it will help us to come up with a workaround. You can copy and paste a past search URL into your report if you click on your name in the top right corner on Social List.
With the new Diversity Agent, you will get lists of potential candidates to process in seconds, usually on target. (You may see some “wrong” images in the UI, but the results will be right.) There are few tools like that.
If you are not a Social List subscriber yet, you can sign up and get a 7-day trial. We require a CC up front, but we will not charge your card if you cancel in the first seven days.
P.S. FYI, we offer a hands-on Diversity Sourcing Class. It is informative and up-to-date.
We are about to expand the offering to a class for any skill level combined with a newly-designed Diversity Sourcing certification exam. Stay tuned!

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