Tech Sourcers: Watch Github Profile READMEs

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Good news! Github has added an ability to create an informative bio for its users. They call it Profile READMEs. We can hope Developers will post some detail about themselves so that Recruiters reach out to the right people. 😀

Adding a bio is straightforward – you need to create a repository with the same name as your username and drop a file there. That file’s contents will be shown on your front profile page – publicly.

From Profile readmes, we can get extra info about members, including their skills and preferences, and often, public email addresses. Here is what a typical Profile readme looks like when displayed on the profile home page:

Since most people will follow the template for a readme file that Github offers, we can expect at least parts of the phrases from it to be kept in the bio. It starts with “Hi There” and has several phrases to be finished such as “I am currently working on…” “Ask me about…” (I did).

Using the phrases, we can X-Ray for bios or search on GitHub itself: “hi there” “how to reach me” “” python

“hi there” “how to reach me” python

Members whom you find this way have publicly displayed background and contact info. They are easier to assess as potential candidates and will not mind an appropriate email. Hopefully, members will actively use the feature.


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