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Happy New Year, readers, and thanks for following my blog! What would you like me to write about? Please name three topics or questions of interest in the comments – thanks!

In the meantime, here is some recent news.

1. Google launches Question Hub – – to allow everyone to “answer” questions by submitting URLs. I imagine Google will be rolling these URLs out in its searches after some checking.

2. A Google algorithm called Smith claims to outperform BERT.

Due to both, we can expect Google to even better “understand” our queries.

3. Russian tool does a decent job of face recognition for look-alikes of members of Russian networks like VKontakte.

4. Another Russian tool is like a CSE over Yandex. 

5. produces a list of over sixty social profiles for a username. (I have used it for our exam questions.)

6. Google search simulation from different locations. – this Chrome extension mimics searching from different locations and in different languages. Use it, varying the setting, to get many more results for a search than “your” Google shows, scrape, and combine results. Or, if you live in one country and source in another, “move” there temporarily.

7. Another way to get different results is by using Anonymized Google on The more, the merrier!

8. Switch to the old Facebook UI to be able to search across states or countries. (How? Paste a state page URL into the “location” field.)

9. LeadIQ Lead Capture seems to be one of the best contact finders.

Source on!

And please watch for our announcements – we will present a Tools class soon.

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  2. I’d say a hot topic right now is overreach from big tech companies on personal privacy and freedom of speech. The Question Hub is interesting from google as well, although it seems like it could be used to curate and craft content to be sanitized of any speech that is not approved.

    Also, don’t forget DuckDuckGo up there with Startpage!

  3. I would suggest that you look into Seamless.AI as a contact sourcing solution as well. Happy to get you setup with a demo! PS – great content on sourcing here. Keep up the great work.

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