How to Collect and Cross-Reference All Emails in Search Results

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I want to tell you a fast way to collect prospects’ email addresses from Google search results pages and then find the professionals on LinkedIn. The result is a target list of LinkedIn profiles for which you know email addresses. The method is free and requires no coding or being “technical” whatsoever.

See the steps in a fun 7-minute demo by David Galley. (We felt it is easier to follow a video than if I described each step in a post. )

Tools you will need:

  1. Julia’s Email Extractor
  2. Linkclump or similar (to open selected links in separate tabs)
  3. Google
  4. Basic LinkedIn.

David shows how to collect and cross-reference Kubernetes Developers on Github based on X-Raying “authors” files as a use case. (The demo is complementary to my latest Github Sourcing presentation sponsored by Amazing Hiring.)

We call digging under links “in-scraping.” It is available in some commercial scrapers, but the setup is not nearly as simple.

The demoed technique is wildly fast, free, and applicable to endless other use cases. Applied to Talent Sourcing, the technique is efficient in the era of remote work when candidates’ locations are less critical.

Join us for the upcoming webinar on July 28,

Web Scraping For Recruiters

and learn how to scrape simply for your productivity.

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