Let’s Search on Github Update

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We did not anticipate such a huge response to the Let’s Seach on Github Google Sheets table.

Two things emerged:

  • The use was so (unexpectedly) high – we got tens of thousands of calls in the logs – that some people did not get the data due to timeouts.
  • Many users could not figure it out. We did not anticipate the need for customer support. Requests were coming from blog comments, Twitter, Messenger, you name it.

So here is what’s happening:

  1. The current table will remain as-is. We do not offer support for it.
  2. We are working on launching an online tool similar to the popular table but with easy-to-use UX. From a search for Github users by language and location, you would get a spreadsheet with developers’ information including profiles and emails. It will probably take a month or so to launch.

In the future, we will also populate the soon-to-be-alive BrainGainSoft site with other sourcing tools, going beyond IT sourcing. One of the next projects is a Google search results scraper. (As you may know, with the recent rearrangement of Google search results, most of those tools are broken).

[EDITED]: for updated information, please go to Github Syntax and the LUSOG Tool Release.


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