LinkedIn Wants Me to Pack Groceries and Learn Fluoroscopy

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Image by #Midjourney (which cannot write yet)

LinkedIn is going to lead its members in finding relevant jobs. I want to show you what I received yesterday from LinkedIn in that regard. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad!

Here is my profile – Recently I have been into AI drawing with Midjourney as a hobby, and added it to my profile:

At that point, I got the industry “Graphic Design” in LinkedIn’s thinking.

Now for the email:

Is this good news for me? “Graphic Designer” has been quietly converted into “Image Specialist,” which is not a Graphic Designer, and can mean many things, including Radiology.

The most interesting part! In spite of the jobs uptick, we Image Specialists apply to pack the groceries at Whole Foods. We also assist with errands at MAC Partners, but this particular job is closed. I suppose these are my job recommendations if I want to follow the majority of fellow Image Specialists:

And then, more information is added. Perhaps this is even more striking! I have the X-Ray skill, in a sense, lol. But I have not thought of learning Fluoroscopy:

Going to the first job recommendation, I got one job to apply for – Chief Technologist. Unfortunately, it is onsite in IN while I am in CA; also, I don’t match it:

The second job link returned no results – and all of a sudden I am seeing remote Recruiter jobs (which would have been appropriate to start with):

This is messed up in every step.

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