Creating Batch Match GPT

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GPTs are fascinating and promising. I want to share my experience creating one.

I regularly use SalesQL batch import of LinkedIn profiles and get a rich output where each record has detailed info about the members. The other two systems I use for the rich output are SeekOut and ContactOut. These outputs have much more detail than export from LinkedIn Recruiter.

Creating the “Batch Match” GPT, I told it that I would give it a job description and a list of potential candidates (which I would export from SalesQL), and wanted to see a table with assessments and scores.

I picked a job description from LinkedIn for a Unicorn Hunter (Corporate Recruiter) in Automation Machinery Manufacturing. I also gave BatchMatchGPT a SalesQL export with a list of profiles of Recruiters. The GPT replied: “The assessment will focus on their alignment with the key requirements of the job, which include experience in in-house recruiting, expertise in the industrial automation sector (if any), proficiency in various recruitment strategies and tools, and strong interpersonal and communication skills.” It sounded reasonable.

Here is what it gave me based on a job description and profile list – by all means, useful and time-saving:

GPT’s “understanding” of the job requirement was adequate. You can see in the table how it tried to derive info, even the soft skills, from the input. I could further refine the output by setting the column configuration.

To become an everyday tool, the GPT needs more corrections, rule setting, and debugging. This would probably take a few hours. I will take this route and hope to make BatchMatchGPT public. (You can also try to create and test your own, following the description.)

ChatGPT is always a bit stubborn. The GPT did not want to read the job description from the link, though it previously read my blog with no problem. It wouldn’t read profiles from URLs either. This could be a specific LinkedIn limitation imposed by Microsoft. The GPT also told me it couldn’t access external files when I imported an Excel file. But when I converted it to PDF, it digested the info.

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