Julia’s Google Search Results Extractor

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I have been missing a convenient tool for Google search results scraping ever since Google redesigned the output screen. The tool’s need arose from Google switching the output format to scrolling with “more results” from the previous convenient page-by-page view. The change broke the beloved Instant Data Scraper.

Julia Tverskaya is our long-term Partner, Sourcer, Recruiter, and a good friend. She also writes code! And now Julia has created a Chrome Extension that does even better than automatically pressing the “more results” button.

(It is her second published extension. Julia’s Email Extractor, the first extension she coded, now has 9,000 users. The Extractor uniquely follows the user on all open pages, collects every email from the pages’ HTML, and stops at a user’s signal.  Its parsing formula is solid. It also cleans up the list: deduplicates, alphabetizes, and removes non-personal and junk emails. I use it regularly for sourcing. Our sourcing tool Social List is Julia’s creation as well.)

The brand new Julia’s second extension is

Google Search Results Scraper.

The tool relies on the trick described in the post Get Back More Google Results By Not Using More.

What the new Google Search Results Scraper does:

  • Collects Google search results for a query, as many as possible
  • Increases the max number of results returned to 300-400 from the current 100-130
  • Exports results in Excel in this format:
    • URL
    • Title
    • Snippet
    • Emails (if found)

Get it here – and we would be glad to hear from you!

Please also share with colleagues who may benefit from the tool.





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