AI and LinkedIn Are Like Oil And Water

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My AI-related experience as a LinkedIn member has been interesting. I have been getting hilarious (or sad?) notifications for my potential job-hunting from LinkedIn – see LinkedIn Wants Me to Pack Groceries and Learn Fluoroscopy.

This morning, I took a look at my skill suggestions. Unfortunately, they were not any better – I have as much skill in Manufacturing Process Improvement as in Finance (none):

Next, go suggested skills. I have nothing to do with 6 out of 8 and little with the other two (while I do have a few other, not listed here, skills):

And my desired roles are those I would dread of. Seriously.

I hope not too many members rely on LinkedIn’s suggestions!

I believe that LinkedIn is not doing a great job incorporating AI into any of its products. Here is what this means for Recruiters and Sourcers:

  1. Keep your BOOLEAN up! It is and will be the best way to search in LinkedIn Recruiter going forward.
  2. (If you have the budget), reconsider people aggregators. While their deficiency is out-of-date data, they may run well-functioning AI over the data they have.
  3. Become a ChatGPT Prompter. While LinkedIn’s implementation of AI is not quite there, you can improve work significantly with AI.

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ChatGPT and AI for Sourcing and Recruitment.


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