My Sourcing Summit Experience ❤

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Sourcing Summits make me happy. I carry the energy for weeks after each one.

We, speakers, have gained lasting friendships in Amsterdam that go beyond sharing hacks. For women speakers, it is not uncommon to share a clothing brand or line of cosmetics. We know about each other’s families and help to pick gifts for the home. ❤ We dine and chat late into the night then continue at breakfast.

I am happy seeing new faces and new talented speakers join, especially over the last three years. Phil Tusing is both intuitive and generous inviting people with no prior speaking experience. Many folks have started their shiny speaker careers at #sosu’s. Phil personally coaches and encourages us to find our own angle and refine our presentation skills; he knows how to spice up a talk.

The hackathons are impressive, gathering over a hundred participants in fast and fierce competitions.

I first spoke at a #sosu event in Australia seven years ago by Phil’s invitation. Sweet memories! On the day I landed, Phil lost his voice, and my laptop won’t boot. His then-girlfriend, now the mother of four lovely children, Rachel, was “translating” Phil’s whisper and gestures to me. I am smiling as I am writing this. 🙂

Phil and I, coming from as different backgrounds as we have, share some commonality. We both moved countries and professions, both have started and run businesses. On some trips, I have also appreciated Phil’s cooking skills since I have none. 🍴

Since the #sosuau in 2012, I have been to at least a dozen Sourcing Summits; I need to count them one day, but several people are now ahead of me. The Amsterdam event, #sosueu, has become “the” gathering place for all open-minded Sourcers to hang out. Everyone is generous in offering help and sharing knowledge. There is little, if any, selling on the floors or from the stage. Sponsors seem introverted and are knowledgeable about sourcing challenges.

New participants quickly pick the spirit and join in learning and having fun. 🎈🎉The event in Tallinn, #sosuee, debuted last year and was friendly and inspirational, just like the seven events in Amsterdam.

The upcoming #sosuv virtual conference is fuller with effective sourcing content than any event before. Just review the agenda. The dates are July 6-9, 2020. I think you should join us! 😊

If you have not been to a Sourcing Summit before, see for yourself what it is like by signing up at You will receive the most substantial amount of content in an event ever, over four days. Yet Sourcing Summit Virtual is affordable; the best of all is the 3-day option. Wherever you live, there will be live talks in your time zone. Attendees will get and keep the recordings and have easy access to speakers. Plus, there are extra freebies with hours of listening.

You can think of #sosuv as delivering each bit of content (counted for every 5 minutes of playback) at the lowest price. And, a lot of content will be shared for the first time in one place and is only accessible by joining.

I think the event will especially be helpful if you:

a) Source more than 50% of the time, and

b) Are at an intermediate-to-advanced level.

July 6-9, 2020. I’ll see you there!

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